Giada System:
a color for each room

Set your locations and lights easily and anywhere you are, using Giada System. You can create your groups, scenarios and themes for every situation with a simple touch on the device or with a voice command.

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A system that helps you better enjoy each moment

Technology is invented to be at our service, and make our life more simple and pleasant. This is what we created Giada System for! Accomplish your atmosphere, change your lights as you want them. Transform the scenery and give color to your time, all this is possible thanks to our App’s simple interface.

App Giada Plus
A product suitable to any age and target

Whatever your lighting fixture, whatever your light technology, whatever the room you wish to create, Giada System is the solution and the ideal connection to combine everything under one command and management.

Connected devices

Manage your rooms in a simple way with iOS and Android operating systems. Make the connection to your device automatic, and automatically connect as you get close.

Google Home

Amazon Echo

App Giada Plus

The application“Giada Plus” is the tool that lets you manage and interact with the GIADA SYSTEM modules. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store or the Play Store.
Easy to understand, simple and fast, this App gives you the chance to interact with just one lamp or with the entire system, just with a simple tap.

GIADA SYSTEM with all its functions in the Apple Watch. A simple touch and everything is illuminated. Each setting is always at hand.


News and Events

The freestanding lamp dimmer module is coming

May 13, 2022

It’s the Giada System module you were waiting for: use it to manage your freestanding lamp in a simple and user-friendly way and, of course, it’s made in Italy!


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