GIADA is the result of the experience of technicians and operators who had been working in the field of illumination engineering for thirty years.

The need to control and manage light sources for illumination and decoration purposes, using increasingly advanced technologies, LED to the creation of the Giada System platform. The ever-increasing use of LED lighting has unlocked the ideas and fantasies of our designers, leading to the ultimate expression and development of our technologies and knowledge; the natural result was a full range of products with multiple functionalities.

GIADA SYSTEM is a wireless lighting home automation system that adjusts, controls and manages any light source using a remote device. It is possible to light up, adjust colors, create scenarios through voice commands or touch devices, and even manage complete lighting programs.

Giada System’s technology aims at wireless commands

Wireless mesh networks with BT and Wi-Fi systems make it possible to manage any point of light from our smart device or computer. Lights can be activated with a vocal command, a sensor reading the external light or simply approaching a source of light, with no further commands.

The product Giada System is a module which is inserted inside the chandelier, the lighting fixture, or in the light body. Giada System completely manages the dissemination of light, interacting with the user’s commands.
Modules are compact and can be effortlessly integrated in any space. They are simple to set up and easy to connect to the wireless network.

Connected devices

With Giada System, you can create your groups, scenarios and themes for every situation with a simple touch on the device or with a voice command.

Apple Watch
Google Home
Amazon Echo
Weekly programming