App Giada Plus

The application “Giada Plus” is the tool that lets you manage and interact with the GIADA SYSTEM modules. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store or the Play Store.
Easy to understand, simple and fast, this App gives you the chance to interact with just one lamp or with the entire system, just with a simple tap.

GIADA SYSTEM with all its functions in the Apple Watch. A simple touch and everything is illuminated. Each setting is always at hand.


Download the Giada Plus app for free



Smartphone and tablet App

“Giada Plus” is a user-friendly App on your smartphone with a fast and simple interface.

Open the first window of Giada Plus. As soon as the App finds a connecting source (an installed Giada module), it will give you the possibility to enter the management and programming system.

Set up your modules, use the App to upload them in the network and start managing your lights.

Dimmer the lights, chose colors and shades of white, and upload your favorite settings to manage your illumination.

Find your ideal illumination, manage your lights, turn them on and organize them as you prefer.

Name your lights, personalize your lighting fixtures and identify the points you wish to manage and control.

Create groups, rooms, and light systems to be able to manage them together and create backgrounds, atmospheres and colors as you want them.

Match your lights to the rooms and groups you created. You can manage your illumination according to the areas in your spaces.

Change the color and find your favorite shade among all the colors, white included. Give color to your rooms.

Choose your favorite white, from the coldest to the warmest, with nearly yellow lights.

Dimmer your light and chose the shade of illumination you want in your rooms.

Create and save your different atmospheres, name and identify them. Then, chose them when you want, with one touch.

The Apple watch App

The “Watch Giada Plus” App for Apple Watch is a simple interface, always at hand, complete and really easy to set.

Set, search, name and program your Giada lights.

After the first setting, the “Watch Giada Plus” App will be independent and will be active on your watch even without a smartphone or light devices.

Manage and turn your groups on, add light sources to control them easily.

Everything created in the light devices will be on and manageable using your watch.

Create your scenarios.

Your watch will allow you to manage your lights completely.

Adjust the brightness by “dimming” your scenario.

Or you can choose the colors.

Save the settings… your watch is now the device for the complete management of your lights